75 years ago, the development and production of wood boilers began under the name “Nolting” in Detmold

Betriebsgebäude Nolting in den 60er Jahren

Nolting factory building in the 1960s

Sonderkonstruktion Dampfkessel Nolting

Special construction steam boilers

Nolting auf der Hannover Messe in den 60er Jahren

Nolting at the Hanover Fair in the 1960s

Beginning. Advancement. Innovation.

Leimtisch Historie Nolting Holzfeuerungstechnik GmbH


The company’s history began in the twenties. Gustav Nolting first developed glue furnaces and hot plates for veneering in the furniture factories. Always based on the demand of the woodworking industries, in 1942 the first special chip boilers with the manufacturer name “Nolting” were constructed.

His son, Herbert, completed his doctrine in the paternal enterprise. He attended the engineering school in Lage and founded his own company, Herbert Nolting Apparatebau, based in Detmold, Temdestraße 8, on January 1, 1953, from which finally the current Nolting wood firing technology became.

Constant growth of the carpentry companies in the 1950s led to the production of larger boilers, which were no longer in the workshop, but in their own boiler house. The development of the automatic feed of the fuels from the years 1962/63 brought comfortable advantages for the user. Nolting grew as a company. In 1964 the company moved into the new building of Detmold, part of Spork-Eichholz. Hall. The current production halls were built in 1992.

Medaille 1977 Handwerksmesse Nolting Holzfeuerungstechnik GmbH

Advanced, environmentally friendly combustion plants

In 1977, the company received a gold medal for outstanding achievements and innovations with the “State Prize of the Bavarian State Government”. Also to the regulation according to. 1. BImSchV 2015 with extreme intensified emission values, Nolting was able to react in the sense of its customers. Corresponding electric or ceramic filters have been added to the product portfolio since this time.

Specializing in the combustion of fuels from wood processing and processing, Nolting has already lived through the recycling process right from the start. The existing wood-like waste products are no longer expensive to dispose, but are used for heat generation. Continually rising costs for gas or oil, especially from 2004 and a growing environmental awareness, have accelerated the demand for regenerative energy. With the trend of pellet heating systems, the Detmolder company was able to expand its customer clientele: Horticulture, municipalities (schools, retirement homes etc.), local and district heating. All those who need a lot of heat energy can find an environmentally friendly alternative with a Nolting furnace.

Innovationsbild Nolting Holzfeuerunganlagen System


Continuous research and development lead to regular new boiler developments, from hand-fed, combined boilers (with manual loading and blowing-in), automatically fed submersible or feed-through boilers. Starting from 1988, the first PLC controllers (storable controllers) were used, starting from 1992 the processor control “Oxicompact” and in today’s time an electrical control with touchpanel with remote access, e-mail dispatch and full network capabilities is no longer missing. After all, highly modern combustion plants with appropriate filter technology have to withstand the comfort and technology of comparable oil or gas heating systems in order to find sales.