Pushing Floor Discharge SBA

Brief description
  • Pushing Floor Discharge SBA
    extremely stable discharge device for biomass-firing systems
  • Wood Chips
  • Wood Shavings
  • Briquettes
  • Designed for highest continuous load
  • Hydraulic drive with power distribution in the concrete floor
  • Suitable for any fuel size
  • Drive-on version

Pushing Floor Discharge SBA

Schubbodenaustragung Holzfeuerungsanlage Schnittbild


  • Boost element width up to 2000 mm (more on request)
  • Boost element length up to 15,000 mm (more on request)

The size of the hydraulic cylinder depends on the required forces from silo height and type of fuel. The size of the hydraulic power unit depends on the number of slides and the flow rate. The max. operating pressure is 200 bar for standard versions. The hydraulic power units are intrinsically pressure-controlled units.

All units have the standard version:

  • Container
  • Oil inlet fitting with filter
  • Gear pump
  • Drive motor
  • Valve attachment
  • Sight glass
  • Oil filling

Another optional accessory is possible.


  • Massive thrust elements with carriers and the welded impeller
  • Rear retaining elements
  • Hydraulic clamp for the shear element
  • Pressure relief role for the boundary wall
  • Silo inserts for the power dissipation
  • Double-acting hydraulic cylinder
  • Massive attachment socket for the hydraulic cylinder
  • Designed for continuous load

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