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In practice the way of the fuel from the silo to the biomass firing system can be very different, therefore we offer different alternatives for the fuel supply. Here we show a few planning proposals. We will find intelligent and individual solutions for you, adapted to the existing conditions. Our experienced staff will support you with competent advice so that you can heat with your biomass firing system safely, efficiently and cost-effectively with low emissions.


Alternative 1

The silo is located next to the boiler room. The distance from the centre of the silo to the biomass firing system is only a few meters. The fuel is conveyed with a single screw – a simple and low-priced solution!

Alternative 2

The optimal solution: the silo is located directly above the boiler room. All elements of the conveying system and the inspection and maintenance openings on the biomass firing system are easily accessible. The installation of the system can be carried out without any problems. However, this solution is not possible everywhere.

Alternative 3

The pushing floor discharge – the solution for silos with a large building area and unfavourable geometry. Such silos are often sunk into the ground and are filled by trucks. Preferred applications are chip briquettes and wood chips.