Research & development

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In our technology department, we start with the testing of materials and systems already in the phase of product development: designed to meet your requirements, reliably assessed for international applicability and taking into account the relevant standards. In close cooperation with the relevant contact persons of the respective departments, the technical department serves as a pioneering center of the projects. The products and components are examined and monitored from the very first hour of production.

The challenge is to reduce costs and increase efficiency and achieve the highest quality. You need intelligent and individual solutions for this. Our experienced employees support you with competent advice, so that you can safely, low-emission, efficient and cost-effectively heat with your wood firing system.

Whatever industry your company belongs to – we are optimally positioned!

With our own test stand, we are able to test innovations in order to implement these continuous optimization of the boiler technology.

Thanks to our own control cabinet construction, we enable precise controls according to the respective requirements by means of individual equipment.