Discharge NOF

Brief description
  • Discharge NOF for automatic biomass-firing systems in the lower and middle performance range
  • Shavings
  • Wood chips
  • Briquettes
  • Extremely reliable
  • Low-maintenance operation
  • Without insertion of an additional floor
  • Robust design
  • Space-saving through inclined installation or horizontal fuel transfer

Discharge NOF

Produkt von Nolting

Lifting with movable, multi-part, foldable steel arms on which strong tension springs are attached. The discharge takes place by means of tear hooks on the foldable arms, which describe with the emptying of the silo an ever larger diameter.


Discharge type NOF 32

for silo diameters max. 3 m x 3 m


Discharge type NOF 62

for silo diameters max. 6 x 6 m